The brands on offer at the Skořepka 8 boutique

All the brands in the Skořepka 8 boutique feature French and Italian design, including brand materials and, thanks to German perfectionism, we can offer a carefully selected and perfectly matched collaboration of the best fashion experts in the world.

One of our prestigious brands is BASLER, which started its tradition way back in Berlin in 1936. This company embodies a truly high standard, fashion expertise and timeless elegance. It impresses time and again with its excellent quality.

The BETTY BARCLAY brand is one of the leading fashion brands at the international level; it was founded in 1938 in Mannheim.

A new brand that has just come to the Skořepka 8 portfolio is LUISA CERANO, which is part of the German Hauber Group, whose roots and traditions in the fashion area date back to the second half of the 19th century. Currently it is without doubt a first-class global brand that sets the trends in the fashion world.

We buy men's fashion from DANIEL HECHTER, which is once again run from Germany, but the main protagonist was the great French fashion designer, Daniel Hechter, born in 1938. Brigitte Bardot became one of his customers and also helped him to introduce his fashion to a wider audience.

Basler Betty Barclay     Luisa Cerano     Daniel Hechter