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Fashionboutique Skořepka 8

For us every customer is a personality with different values, a specific lifestyle and diverse needs.

Thanks to many years of experience, professional knowledge and an individual approach, we provide our customers with high quality, comprehensive services and a friendly environment.

At Skořepka 8 you will find a selection of business wear and leisure-time luxury fashion from the current collections of world brands such as Basler, Daniel Hechter, Luisa Cerano and Betty Barclay.

Our motto is: Underline your uniqueness.

Introductory word from owner Karel Valdauf

Main portfolio of services

We offer up-to-date fashion collections and comprehensive services according to our customers’ needs. The range and services will primarily appeal to clients who desire elegance and who want to promote their personality with original fashion items or sets from global brands.

An individual approach to customers
Our fashion consultant will carefully select your apparel and prepare it for you to try out on a set day and hour. Naturally we offer custom-made tailoring for any purchased item.

Style and personal consulting
We will personally consult with you on every step - from choosing the cut, material and colour to harmonizing it with your existing wardrobe to advice on what to choose for a particular occasion.

A wide selection
We offer a wide range of clothing in store and the option of ordering selected items from current collections and delivering them according to your requirements.

Fashion for women

Extraordinary and exclusive fashion for women with high demands - highlight your outfit with clothing that meets the highest standards.

We can offer ladies fashion clothing for leisure, work, social as well as evening dresses. Everything can be perfectly combined with fashionable colours and patterns that fully complement one another.

Immerse yourself in the world of current fashion trends and the work of our stylists so you too can discover new possibilities at fashionboutique Skořepka 8.

Basler, Betty Barclay, Luisa Cerano

All these brands create fashion for women who are the embodiment of originality, sensuality, elegance and self-esteem - regardless of their age and size.

Basler Betty Barclay    Luisa Cerano

More about the brands on offer

Fashion for men

We know how precious your time is, which is why our fashion consultants will prepare the garment on the specific day and hour you decide upon. But that’s not where our services end, we continue with the corresponding care and service until the clothing has been delivered.

Daniel Hechter

Our years of experience in selling men’s fashion and the demands of our customers brought us to Daniel Hechter.

Our boutique only buys men's fashion from this company, as it suits our customers down to the ground with its imaginativeness, sophistication and first-class materials, predominantly of Italian origin.

Daniel Hechter

Skořepka 8,
Old Town, Prague 110 00
+420 224 236 504

Mon - Fri: 10.00 - 18.00
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