Dear ladies and gentlemen,

First off I would like to thank you for having opened the Skořepka 8 boutique website and would further ask you to spend a few minutes perusing it.

The Skořepka boutique first opened in 1994, and tied in to the well-known and highly successful Luxus store in Celetna Street. It continues its activities not only in the field of selling current fashion trends in luxury clothing, but also, above all, in the high level of its management and the quality of work of Eva Jandová’s team. Thanks to her personality, the targeted sales method has been preserved, both in selecting the range and the overall individual care for each customer.

For us every customer is a personality with different values, a specific lifestyle and needs, and thanks to our long-term experience, professional knowledge and personal approach, each customer will find a high quality shopping experience in a friendly environment.

After my arrival as the owner on July 1, 2015, we started making several changes for you. We have completely redesigned the boutique in order to further improve the quality of the purchase, we have prepared a new live web site and we are also going to set up the Skořepky 8 members club.

I am delighted that our long-standing customers are returning and that there are more and more people discovering Skořepka and becoming our new customers.

Come and visit us, we’re looking forward to seeing you.

Karel Valdauf